It should have an option to choose in how many devices we can logg the wallet

IT would be amazing if there is an option to choose in how many devices you can acess your wallet or how many times you can import your key. Like i would choose 2, 1 for pc 1 for cellphone. so even if someone have my secret words or my private key the won`t be able to login in my account cause the 2 places that can be added will be already in use.
And if one day you sell your phone or your pc you have the option to burn one of the acess.
It would be harder to get hacked.
If you lose or sell one of the devices that have acess, you can burn that loggin with your other device ramaning, creat another wallet and transfer.

Hey @xkuromvp, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Thanks for the feature request :slight_smile:

Feel free to vote for this request if you agree!


Yes. I agree. But I want to be able to see the device name too.

yes its better i agree… i hope it will implement as soon as possible… my account is currently hack all my tokens are swipe out…Im waiting these to implement so i can use my hided NFT

Cool idea, but impossible to implement due to the way a seed phrase works. Similar to why we can’t have 2FA. Would require a hard fork or fundamental redesign of the blockchain, which ain’t happening anytime soon. Currently, the best thing you can do is use a hardware wallet and make sure that you don’t share your seed phrase with anyone.

I believe it should be an option inside the settings to be chosen manually that inside how many devices one MetaMask account can be imported. It can reduce the probability to be hacked the MetaMask. If I use only one device then I would sellect only one inside the settings and as a result no one else will get access to my account.