I've miss written 1 of the 12 Phrases

There is a problem with my account Actually when I was writing the phrase o had miss written aur mishrit and one of the twelve phrases can you please help me with that I have password and contact address
and everything but I think I have sacrificed one of the phrases please help meaning

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Hi @Shanurrana you have 12 seed phrases? :smiley: or you mean 12 words? and one word is lost…

12 words 1 phrase. Couldn’t wrote it properly.

OK so you have one seed phrase :slightly_smiling_face: but only 11 words?
You have to describe your problem to me more :smiley:


I mean to say that one seed phrase has 12 words while writing it down unfortunately I couldn’t be able to write it properly so I have Miss written one of the twelve words of one seed phrase. I have the address of my account the picture and the password to so can I get any help

That you know your metamask address that’s fine :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but you must also have a seed phrase. So you have 12 words written but one is wrong?

Hello @Shanurrana , welcome to metamask community,

If you have the rest of your phrase apart from the particular ONE , then you should use the seed savior tool , if you know the spot where that one is missing from . Then you can be able to use the seed savior tool to recover your wallet account .

Note: verify every address or links and avoid any malicious websites. Remember never share your phrase with any individual.





:arrow_up: , read the manual or watch the video attached for instructions


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