KNCL tokens appear to be stuck in KNC on metamask

I staked some legacy KNC before they changed to the new KNC, using my metamask wallet (kyber subwallet). I later changed some legacy KNC (KNCL) into KNC and put it back in my wallet and that seemed fine. Now that the KNCL staking pool is closing, I had to take my KNCL out of the pool, so I put sent it all to my metamask wallet. The transaction seemed to work but I see that it put the KNCL into KNC. I tried swapping it for ETH via metamask and it failed, so then I went to uniswap and tried and it said that it was waiting for an earlier nonce, so it was pending.

transaction hash :0x6de45dafd989bafd369f03f5181619e0567bd64cf34d392d474845c2b65711b1

I tried entering the KNCL address into my metamask wallet via coin gecko and it gave me a warning about changing an address, so I added the KNCL address to my main wallet.

So currently, I have 0 KNCL on my main metamask wallet and all of the KNCL that was in the staking pool is in my “kyber” subwallet. The amount is appropriate, so it looks like it is in there but I cannot do anything with it. So it seems that metamask sent KNCL to my metamask wallet but put it in the KNC contract, or something like that. Is there a way to get it into KNCL? It looks like the transaction is stuck.

Could I try just sending the “KNC” from my kyber wallet to my main wallet which has the KNCL address in it?

When I look at my “kyber” subwallet, it has 2 coins labeled KNC so it must have the KNCL and the KNC addresses on it and when I sent the coins from the staking pool to my wallet, it sent them to the wrong address.

As an update, I sent one KNCL from the Kyber subwallet to my main wallet and the KNCL shows up in the KNCL wallet of my main metamask wallet (I do not have the new KNC address in that wallet, so it can only show up in as KNCL). But when I try to swap the KNCL from my main wallet, it still will not let me do that, so somehow the KNCL is stuck and I think it is because it wants to interact with the KNC contract (or chain) and it is KNCL. So how do I get it to go to one thing or the other, KNCL or KNC?

Here is the transaction hash from the withdrawal from the staking pool:

It says it was successful, but it says KNC and not KNCL so I fear this is the problem.

Hey @tony716, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It is possible that the team behind the KNC token made it so that when you withdraw the KNCL from the staking pool they automatically changed it to KNC because this is now the new token.

I would see if there is any information about this in regards to the token.

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Thank you very much! I did reach out on discord to the kyber team but have not heard back but I fear they may point me to metamask. I just don’t know how I could have even selected which block the coin would go to. On metamask it just said KNC with the lighter green icon. I do see that in the metamask wallet that I was using (my kyber sub wallet) it has two different coins both labelled KNC, and they have light green symbols that are almost identical. One has all of the coins and the other has none. Then on my main metamask wallet, I put in the custom address for KNCL and that one is dark green. When I did a test send between the two wallets to see what would happen, the coin went into the main wallet KNCL destination. But the coin does not work, so this work around failed.

Looking at what happened, I staked KNC from a wallet that only had KNC in it. Kyber then created new KNC and renamed old KNC, KNCL. I then had both addresses in my metamask wallet but when I withdrew the staked KNCL, metamask put it in the new KNC address and not the KNCL address. But metamask did not give me the option of which KNC address to pull the funds to. Kyber did not convert the funds from KNCL to KNC, you had to go to a different site to do that. But first, I had to pull the KNCL out of the staking pool and the only way I could do that is using the metamask wallet. So I am not sure how that is possible if metamask puts the KNCL into the KNC address. I am no expert, so perhaps I am wrong here, but this seems to be what happened.

Can you clarify what the main issue is? Are you not able to find our correct KNCL tokens?

Someone from Kyber reached out to me yesterday and it fixed. The issue was the I withdrew KNCL from a staking pool. It showed up as KNC in my wallet, not KNCL and I could not swap it on metamask, it never even gave me any offers, it just failed. But the developer on kyber saw that the coins were still in original KNCL, so I was able to go on kybers platform and migrate the coins from KNCL to KNC, then put them back in metamask and swap them!

Before this fix, I did try to swap 20 of them on uniswap for some ETH as a test. It said the trade went thru but I received no ETH and my KNCL disappeared. Not sure how to get that back. I may try some things tonight. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

The crux of the problem here, I believe is that KNC changed the name of the existing coin to KNCL instead of creating a new name for their new token, like KNC2.0 or something.


Thanks so much. I was not sure what a server validate was so I looked at metamask for some info as to how to do it, but it looks like it can be frought with trouble. I found a thread from May '21 from Ke20 titled “Validation Metamask account?” (I tried to link the thread but metamask won’t let me do that).

And it looks like some folks lost their funds doing it. Any advice as to how to do the validation? Are their any support articles you can point me to, so you don’t have to walk me thru it, I am happy to do my research on it, but do appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

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So someone named Nakedwinnie with the same avatar as the nakedwinnie above asked me to do a validation on my account and gave their direct contact info. That post is now taken down. When I clicked on the avatar, it did not have the same credentials as the nakedwinnie whose posts are still up. Thus I suspect that that post was a scam from someone impersonating the real nakedwinnie and they took down their posts when I would not DM them. I do see that the person I think is a fake nakedwinnie has posted on other people’s posts. perhaps i am wrong and this is not a scammer, but I am suspicious.


Glad you got the problem fixed :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there are scammers trying to impersonate me :imp:

I will ONLY communicate with you here on Please make sure you are interacting with the username @nakedwinnie with the badge icon and Leader title

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