Missing tokens (kucoin to metamask)

Hi guys,
I’ve opened a ticket with metamask several weeks ago & still haven’t heard back from them, so I really hope someone can help me. I’m still a newbie & getting a bit desperate for help here.

I transferred some MTV tokens from my Kucoin account to my metamask & those tokens have simply vanished. I have:

  • Added the KCC Network to my networks
  • Manually added the token to the KCC network (only issue I can into here is that I couldn’t edit the decimals, so now it’s set to 0 instead of 18. Could that have anything to do with it?)
  • Checked the hash (transaction was successful)

I can also see the tokens when I open my metamask address on etherscan, but I can’t see them in my metamask wallet (and since I wanted to stake the coins that’s really not very helpful…)
Any help would be highly appreciated!

im also having this problem, i used the erc-20 address, and its been almost 2 days