Sent ETH/ERC20 tokens from exchange to Metamask, but it does not show

I sent MTV tokens (eth.erc20 tokens) from the exchange to Metamask, but it does not show in the wallet. I already been sending these tokens in the past and did not have any problem. This is the first time. I created a ticket with Metamask support, but they advised me to add the Custom tokens to my wallet, which I already did prior sending these. Can someone help me please?
The transactions ID on etherscan shows as "success*

MetaMask Ticket #260117

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Is there a solution for this? I’m in the same boat. Etherscan shows they are at my address, but they won’t show up in my wallet. Im trying to stake my MTV.

Yes, mine were found under Eth mainnet in Metamask wallet (I was looking under MTV Mainnet). Check there, if not open a ticket with customer support, they reply quick.

Not sure if this has been resolved but you may need to follow this post titled:

Couldn’t post link.

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