Ledger not prompting for transaction confirmation when using metamask

Hi hopefully someone can help me out with this. I am running into an issue that I am very concerned about. I first noticed this yesterday when making trying to buy a token on the BNB mainnet via Bave browser, I have my ledger linked to my metamask and have never had this issue before, but the transaction went through without any prompt on my ledger, obviously this is kinda a big deal as it negates the whole reason for having a hardware wallet. Since then I have made multiple test transactions with small amounts of BNB and every time it has succeeded without a prompt. I have done multiple things to try and fix this including: updating ledger live software and the ledger firmware, closing and restarting the browser, trying transactions on different exchanges, restarting my pc, removing brave and redownloading it. I also tried this on chrome and connected my ledger live to metamask through the new bridge. I am still having the same issue. Please hopefully someone has experienced this as well and can steer me in the right direction. I really dont want to have to buy a new wallet if I dont have to. But am very uncomfortable with having my cold wallet performing as a hot one. Please and Thankyou.

I have the same issue. Metamask acting as a hot wallet without any prompt on my ledger. Would be interested in an answer to this issue.

I had to enable Contract Data in the settings on my Ledger which seemed to do the trick. I also cleared the “connected sites” (including the one I was on) and disconnected/reconnected the ledger just to start from scratch as well.