Metamask ledger issue

HI I seem to be having trouble with my ledgerx within metamask. Metamask prompts me to ok a transaction and then normally the small screen on my ledger will run through several prompts until I reach the one where I ok or confirm the transaction. The metamask part is fine the ledgerx step isn’t working. I’ve restarted the computer, logged in and out of metamask, tried another usb drive, different browsers (chrome, firefox, edge), powered down the device. When I use the device with the ledger software it works fine but suddenly not with metamask. I’ve also tried the connect hardware wallet option in metamask but it can’t locate the ledgerx. I set it up once previously as a hardware option in metamask and it worked fine but not now. Any suggestions? Th

I’ve been at this for several days now in an attempt to figure it out. I’ve tried to connect ledger x to metamask in chrome, firefox, edge and brave as well as trying a new cable. I’ve also tried the same process on another computer. Oddly enough the ledger live app does see the ledgerx. Something odd happend this morning though with the ledger live/ledger x withdrawal process. Normally when I send crypto the ledgerx shows an approval screen where it shows me the fee and the address I’m sending to. Today I tried to send some crpto and there is now a 3 step approval process, Verify Selector, verify field1, verify field 2, verify field 3 there seems to be another step but it changed so much from what I normally see I just rejected the transaction till I figure out what is going on. The last step (or so I think as I rejected it) was this address ox514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca which is not the one I see on my ledger live screen. Is it possible for the device to get hacked?