LINK transaction

hello, I made a transfer of LINK from Binance to smart chain wallet of metamask using BSC before I add LINK as a token in my wallet. After the transfer was succesfully in Binance, I realized that I had not add LINK in my smart chain wallet so I added it. But the balance of my LINK cryptocurrency in metamask still showed that I had 0 LINK. Here is the transcation hash: 0x53a936daee1c576a8adc1fd301ede8093e9531d219fb84cd5d1dfd5dc4411c59

Hello, link is in your wallet. Please add the contract address of link correctly. You can see that this is the contract address of link: 0xf8a0bf9cf54bb92f17374d9e9e9a321e6a111a51bd


Yes! Problem solved.


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