I send link coins from MetaMask to Binance and lost?

Hello, yesterday I sent chainlink coins form my MetaMask to binance, but I don’t see this coins in MetaMask. Somebody can help me?

Hi Susana and you used correct address for LINK?
Must send more info :smile: please.

Hello Luigi,
I have sent the tokens to this Binance Address 0x35A23085dd539AEA0736Cdb717bB351c7bC9A205 “LINK” token in ERC20 Network. From my MetaMask account in Etherium Nerwork.

This is the result in Etherescan:


The question is that I have never received them in my Binance account. I don’t know where they are?? Can you please Help me?

Looking forward to hear from you.

oh Susana read this :expressionless: :point_down: this token is scam. Value 0 USD

OMG!! And there is something I don’t understand, how can I receive in MetaMask a token that doesn’t exist and doesn’t have any value?? And how does it let me send it and pay gas fees when it has no value???

people are bad Susana they sell fake tokens :neutral_face: where you bought this LINK token? on which page?


Here :tired_face:

oh girl, this is a scam page :expressionless: this BOUNCE SWAP page deceived enough people

read this: