9 days waiting and the transfer is not made

Realice una transferencia de tokens de link a binance , pero no he ha llegado hace 9 dias , estas son las id 0x8e71ab1132d8450755f33359b005f45ade1502de a 0x80b6d7a5a43f2e14c3d5b1ecfd69ddbca623f140

Hi walrobe what website you used for this transaction ?

this address doesn’t look good :roll_eyes: https://etherscan.io/token/0xb101F0EB0a8938769D4c3fd4F933B11627CA3768?a=0x80b6d7a5a43f2e14c3d5b1ecfd69ddbca623f140 There are reports that this address was used in a Phishing scam.

hola Luigi , envié tokens de link de metamask a binance , pero hay un detalle que lo envié por la red principal de ethereun hacia a binance dirección de ERC20 que puedo hacer para q retornen mis link, gracias por el apoyo.

I have no further idea :upside_down_face: and please write in English

https://etherscan.io/token/0xb101f0eb0a8938769d4c3fd4f933b11627ca3768?a=0x80b6d7a5a43f2e14c3d5b1ecfd69ddbca623f140 Warning! There are reports that this address was used in a Phishing scam :expressionless: this is not good

Read comment on the page https://etherscan.io/token/0xb101f0eb0a8938769d4c3fd4f933b11627ca3768#comments

Hi Luigi, I sent link tokens from metamask to binance, but there is a detail that I sent it through the main network of ethereun to binance address of ERC20 that I can do so that they return my link, thanks for the support.

Hi walrobe https://etherscan.io/token/0xb101f0eb0a8938769d4c3fd4f933b11627ca3768?a=0x80b6d7a5a43f2e14c3d5b1ecfd69ddbca623f140 this tokens have a value of 0$ you send 119.6 LINK is that so? :point_down:

and hodlers people only: 429 :see_no_evil: where did you buy it?

So I sent it to binance but it never arrived, I have reviewed the procedures of how to send and I have done it wrong, I sent it directly and that is the problem.

this token is a scam

tokens can be returned

the tokens can be returned to the metamask account

Contact Binance support please :see_no_evil: this tokens have no value

I bought it from this page Bounce

walrobe oh man :see_no_evil: this Bounce swap :roll_eyes: is stupid SCAM page… read this: https://www.bounce.community/t/scammed-by-bounce-swap/230