Lost Link Tokens

Hi, I transferred 200 Link to Coinbase but I haven’t received the funds, even though the transaction is completed and successful on Etherscan.
I assume I have crossed networks, can someone help me rectify this problem?

This might help

Hi @Ned1303 looks like you sent a fake LINK token :roll_eyes:

Holders: only 106 people :point_down:

Value: 0.00$

This is ChainLink Token :point_down: Holders: 623 908 people

Hi Luigi,

I used Bounce Finance to convert 1 Eth to 200 Tokens, this was after I followed instruction from Brian Jung.

Could this be a scam?

:rotating_light: NEW PROFITABLE LINK ARBITRAGE :rotating_light:

:point_right: We’ve just updated our arbitrage opportunity. Many of our community members already made huge profits. Read the text below to find out more!

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We’re bringing you an updated step-by-step guide for a new arbitrage opportunity we found recently. This arbitrage involves Ethereum(ETH) to ChainLink(LINK) swap. By the current market price the profit is about 30%! That means we can turn every 1 ETH to about 1.3 ETH in a few minutes only.

:point_right: Is this legit? Is there any risk with this strategy?

Yes, it’s completely legit. There’s no risk, because we’ll be using a proven and trusted Ethereum smart contract directly. Essentially we’ll be swapping ETH to LINK on a decentralized platform called Bounce.finance. It’s a platform used by thousands of people for automatic token swaps. The ChainLink(LINK) tokens are locked there at a fixed price of 1 ETH = 200 LINK, that’s about 30% profit compared to the market price on Binance. The smart contract swaps us the ETH to LINK automatically, so we don’t have to worry about not getting the LINK tokens in return.

:red_circle: Step-by-step

  1. We’ll need ETH for this arbitrage opportunity. In case you don’t own any, feel free to buy it on any of the popular exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase etc. Make sure to have at least 1 ETH(1 ETH is the minimum swap amount). In order to see the correct fee your ETH has to be in your wallet already.

  2. We highly recommend to use the Metamask wallet. It’s a browser extension for the Chrome browser. You can install the Metamask wallet from this link:

  3. Set up your wallet and don’t forget to backup your security seed phrase. After setting up the wallet send 1.05 ETH to it.

  4. We’ll use a platform called bounce finance for the swap. It’s a decentralized platform that works as a swapping smart contract. Go straight to this link of the swap and connect your wallet:


:warning:ATTENTION:warning:-If you are in the USA, you may need to use VPN to switch your IP to other countries.-:warning:ATTENTION:warning:

  1. Then select “Fix Swap Auction” in the “Choose Auction Type”, select “Pool ID” in the “Pool information” then fill in “16” and confirm, click “Search”, Finally click on the search result.

  2. Fill out the amount you want to swap. The minimum is 1 ETH. There currently is a limit of 20 ETH per wallet, so make sure to take advantage of it.

  3. Click on “Place a Bid” and confirm the transaction in Metamask. You’ll need to wait for the transaction to get confirmed. After that the LINK tokens will be transferred to your Metamask wallet immediately. If the gas fee is too high, you may need to manually adjust the gas fee by yourself, click “EDIT” → “Edit Suggested gas fee” in MetaMask wallet, select “High”, fill in “285,000” in the “Gas limit”, click “Save”.

  4. To see your newly swapped LINK tokens you might need to add them manually. Go to Metamask wallet → “import Tokens” → “Custom Token” and paste there LINK contract address:


Click next to proceed. You will be directed to confirm adding token. Click “Add Custom Token” to confirm. After doing that, you’ll see your LINK balance in your Metamask wallet and be sure, that the swap was successfull. Now you can go ahead and swap a higher ETH amount to maximize your profits, you can make multiple swaps from the same Metamask wallet. There’s no need to add the token manually after doing the next swaps. They will be added to your existing LINK balance.

  1. After finishing the swap (or multiple swaps) you have 2 options. You can either hold your LINK or sell them on Binance or another exchange. The current price is about 1.3 ETH for 200 LINK (about 30% profit over the fixed swap ratio on Bounce finance by

:rotating_light: As the change of LINK’s price, profit margins are for reference only, may be more or less later. Act now as the profit may change soon! :rotating_light:

Those LINK tokens have no value :neutral_face: read this :point_down:

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Hi Luigi,
Reading all the comments makes me feel like I have no hope of getting anything back?
Who is ultimately responsible for the scam, I used Bounce website.
Should they take some responsibility.
Just want some info so I don’t ever end up doing something like this again

Alone find the site owner :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and ask him a question:


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