Log in to phising site through MM

Hey there so basically I clicked on phishing site claiming .iensprotocoi. xyz to be exact.

Site wants me to sign wallet in real MM, I just checked ID and it is the right one not lookalike. After I sign in message on the website pop up (not in MM) that I got unsufficient funds. I immidietally log out and disconnect that side from MetaMask.

I didn’t approve any transaction and I just checked all allowance on revoke. cash and nothing there either. No funds lost so far.

It is save to continue using this wallet, if I only log in, which is only for setting up UI, looking to my private key etc? Thank you very much!

Hello @Celeb, welcome to MetaMask community!

Usually simply connecting the wallet to a dApp or website shouldn’t be an issue if you disconnected from it afterwards. But it depends on what the connection implied. After you got the message of insufficient funds, were there any steps telling you what to do next?
Here are 2 articles for more information.


Hey @Chinzilla thank you for your prompt response!

This box with this prompt, after loading it was just clean site without loading or message. I reproduce it with other browser and new MM and I’m sure they did ask in MM only for classic info - see your funds etc. Weird part is that this time with Edge the website was in phising alert and in chrome not :confused:

This is what was looked like :point_down:

It might have showed as phishing this time because i reported the website as such. Sounds like there wasn’t any signing going on for the wallet. Should be safe. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you @Chinzilla. However I have to be 100% sure that I’m save so I might move to other MM. Is these steps enough:

  1. Create other MM extension in diff browser
  2. Send funds to those addresses in new wallet
  3. Wipe / restart original MM and delete extension in chrome
  4. Reinstall MM extension in chrome and put seed phrase of the new wallet there

Thank you for your advice!

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To be extra safe, you could also reinstall Chrome. Even though it looks like overkill, it’s better to be paranoid than sorry i would say. Your steps are ok.
You have plenty of articles in MetaMask Knowledge Base, top right on the site here, or from the articles i shared. You can search for whatever you need help with in there. Just so you know. Or you can come back to this forum anytime you need help.


That’s exactly my point rather go through long and painful process rather than be sorry. Thank you very much will check those articles ASAP!


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