OpenSea, Galxe, etc. and every other site has 'Connect Wallet' buttons that lead me back to the install MM page

Issue in the title.

No matter what site I visit whether it’s Blur, Galxe, OpenSea, Guild xyz, etc., the connect wallet button leads me to the page to install MM to your browser. Been doing this for days. I can’t connect either my hot wallet or Ledger to an NFT marketplace to trade.

I’ve cleared both the cookies and cache, restarted the browser, restarted the computer as a whole, and probably some other troubleshooting techniques I’ve seen online, but nothing has worked.


Hi @cantwait, welcome to MetaMask community!

On the browser you use, do you also have Phantom wallet installed as extension? It may interfere with your MetaMask’s ability to interact with dApps.
If so, update Phantom wallet, cause they have a fix for this issue with the new update, or just deactivate the Phantom wallet extension, in case you don’t need it or have your Secret Recovery Phrase for it saved up somewhere safe.


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