Losing connection to Binance Smart Chain

I am playing an NFT game called Cryptoblades, every single time I buy an item from their Market in the past 3 days, Metamask freezes heavily, refuses to open the top up and loses connection to the website. Refreshing the website shows as if my Metamask is not connected, if I try to go into Metamask after it finally shows and click on Binance Smart Chain, it says Connecting to Binance Smart Chain forever.

Every single time I make a purchase it gets stuck like this for at least 5 minutes, if I try to change the network during this issue, it asks me if the Chain ID is correct even though I try both 56 and 0x38.

I never had this issue before and I have tried using different browsers, changing IP and using VPN, nothing seems to work and it’s getting very annoying.

Also just to add, everyone else seems to not really have this issue, just me.