Metamask + BSC + Trezor

When working in Binance Smart Chain, Metamask sometimes starts to freeze, it cannot show the nonce and instead shows just an empty field. If the nonce is still shown or if you specify it manually and send a transaction, then the redirect to the Trezor page does not happen. More precisely, a page with a Trezor connection may appear, but for example 10 minutes later. And it can last for 20-30 minutes, and then everything suddenly starts to work wonderfully. This happens regularly and I lost a lot of opportunities on it. I suspect that Metamask refers to some node in the BSC network and tries to get some data from there, but the data does not come, and these packages hang somewhere. And no notifications appear, no waiting spinners, no window with Trezor appears, and the Metamask popup sometimes simply collapses and shows that the transaction has been sent, although in fact it is not.