New network connection (Cold wallet)

I tried to find information in other posts, but failed. Hope you can help me.

Here the deal.
I have a cold wallet.

Other person sent to me ETH from his wallet on Binance. But he made mistake and choose wrong network - BNB Smart Chain. So I didn’t receive funds.

Can i connect my cold wallet (Ledger) to Metamask and somehow get these funds on my cold wallet? Does it possible at all?

Thanks a lot, in advance

Hi @Klopp how to connect Ledger Hardware Wallet:

Next :point_right: Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain:

and click Import Tokens
add token address:


Easy :grin: and you will need BNB…
and some good swap/cross-chain bridge :bridge_at_night: page…


Why can’t I add a link like you, hope it answers me, thanks

Hi @xf0707 because my trust level is Leader :man_technologist:

Members cannot add links :slightly_smiling_face: but you can add links from site:


Then I see, thank you for your generous answer

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