BEP20, Ledger, ETC (Eth classic) and Metamask

Hello everone,

we have a client that send ETH Classic to their Ledger wallet.
They transferred from Binance using their BEP20 token.

We have followed the Binance Manual called " Use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain"

Which tries to connect Metamask to Ledger.
We can see the ETH accounts, but somehow we do not seem to gain access to the ETC coins that were send via BEP20.
We already changed to Binance Smart Chain network
and we also added the custom token based to add Binance ETC BEP20.

How can we gain access to these ETC tokens so we can send them back to Binance? Hope anyone can help, seems we might be missing a really obvious step here.

Good day , Did you manage to get a reply. I did the same thing by sendning Shib to ETC from Binance - I know I am still very new with this whole ledger thing

Please assists

Thank you