Bought mistakenly ETC under an ETH wallet address

Hi to all,

I am a newbie and I did a terrible mistake. I purchased about 200 Euros of ETC and I provided by mistake the MetaMask ETH wallet address. I can see the transaction under a specific link of bscscan [.com], but except that I wait for hours and of course the coins are not appeared under the MetaMask wallet.

Is there any way to redeem these? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and your support. And of course for your attention to this matter.

With kind regards,

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Hello @gavrilos, welcome to the MetaMask community,

In case you sent the ETC on BNB chain to your MetaMask address, you need to add the ETC contract address to your MetaMask wallet to view it.
ETC contract address on BNB chain is: 0x3d6545b08693dae087e957cb1180ee38b9e3c25e

In your wallet under the Tokens tab (BNB chain), click Import tokens. Then add the ETC contract address given above. Click the button “Add custom token” → Import tokens

The following article is related.


Hi @Maryam,

First of all I would like to thank you for your help and the quick response. The ETC contract address you provided matches the Token Contract ID/address I see under the transaction, in bscscan [.com]. This means that the transaction was truly under the BNB chain.

The problem I am experiencing now, is that when I am trying to add this token manually under the “Ethereum Classic network”, the field “Decimal” is not editable/available. It shows the value “0” and all and all I can add is the Token Contract address and the token symbol. I put the address as suggested and under the field “token symbol” I put “ETC”.

After I add the token manually (of course in the “Ethereum Classic network”), I have two time the ETC, but unfortunately they both show “0” value. Do you think I should wait more? Would t help if I provide the bscscan [.com] link? Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t allow me to post a link.

Thanks a lot in advance!

With kind regards,

You need to add it under the BNB Smart Chain and NOT the “Ethereum Classic network”. Then you should be able to view your ETC tokens in your MetaMask wallet. Please follow what I have written in my previous response.

In case you do not have BNB chain in your wallet, please add it using the following article. It is easy.

Hope that helps. Let us know in case you need further assistance.


Hi @Maryam,

Thanks a lot for your help. What you suggested did the trick and finally I was able to see the ETC coins.

The problem I am facing now is that I have an amount of ETC coins under the “BNB Smart Chain”. How can I move them into the correct network now? I mean under the normal “Ethereum Classic network”? I was thinking to send them to KuCoin in order to exchange them with another token, but I’m afraid they will be lost completely, since KuCoin accepts ETC only under the normal “Ethereum Classic network”.

Additionally I I also tried to convert them into BNB within MetaMask, but this is also not possible, because the MetaMask wallet needs some BNB as expenses. But the balance in BNB is actually zero.

Would you be so kind to provide me some more help regarding the above issue?

With kind regard,


Hi @gavrilos,

I am glad that you can see the ETC tokens in your wallet.

Where did you get them from? If you have sent ETC from an exchange on BNB chain to your address, you should be able to deposit it again to the same exchange. Before doing so, make sure that the exchange supports depositing ETC on the BNB chain.

You do need BNB to do any transactions on the BNB Smart chain. Even to send your ETC to an exchange, first you need to send some BNB to your MetaMask wallet to pay for the gas fee.
Therefore, the first step for you is to send some BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

Let us know in case you need further assistance.

Reminder: NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Keys with anyone. NEVER enter them on any sites.


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