Sent ETC to MetaMask Wallet

Accidentally sent ethereum classic from Coinbase to MetaMask wallet. I added ETC contract token to metamask but it shows a balance of 0. Is there any way to swap or recover the etc that was sent?

Here is the ETC transaction: 0xA7F2A596AaCDa4a2c90E12321FA3c8B1e2F18fBB - Ethereum Classic Explorer

The MM wallet is: 0xA7F2A596AaCDa4a2c90E12321FA3c8B1e2F18fBB

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @smartalecc5 please check this article on how to preview ETC in MetaMask

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I appreciate your help so much. Thank you!!!

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That worked! I sent off the ETC. Now to convert my wallet back to the main ETH network, I clicked that under settings, and I need to enter in the new name, rpc URL for main ETH network. Thank you MM Wallet support and Roosh!

Any update on how to get my metamask back to normal mainnet?

Bump! Just want to restore metamask to normalcy somehow