Metamask BSC account invokes Ledger ETH app

Hi! I have Binance Smart Chain (BSC) set up in Metamask and I can use it without problems as a hot wallet. I also have my Ledger Nano X connected to Metamask and I can use it without prolems on Ethereum Mainnet. For safety, I want to move my BSC coins to Ledger addresses. So I copied my address that is displayed in Metamask when selecting BSC and the Ledger account (supposedly my Ledger-based BSC address). Then I switched Metamask back to the hot wallet account and from there I sent some BEP20 tokens to the copied address. I also sent some BNB to have money for fees on the ledger. Both transactions show up as successful and appear in BSCscan.

The problem: when I want to send tokens out of my Ledger-based BSC account with Metamask, it launches Ledger Live (through the bridge) and Ledger live asks me to allow Ethereum app on the Ledger (which already seems wrong since the account is based on BSC). Then the transaction shows as “pending” in Metamask . The Ledger hardware displays a transaction in the Ethereum app with the amount being 0 ETH and an address that has no similarity to the address I am sending to. Fees show in ETH (although they should be BNB). If I approve that transaction on the Ledger, Metamask reports the transaction as failed. It does not show up in BSCscan.

This seems to be a bug in Metamask. The client should use the Binance app on the Ledger, not the Ethereum app.


Having the same issue with Ledger/BSC. It seems I can send BNB but not BEP20 token, the transactio just fails. Any ideas?

Same exact problem here…I’m able to send transactions and interact with my Ledger Nano X in BSC through Metamask (To be able to make transactions you have to have the bridge already enable and some BNB in your account to pay for gas fees). However I have the same problem with the address, it shows a completely different address so I’m a bit afraid to make large transactions because I can’t confirm in the Ledger that the funds are going where they supposed to.

Would be nice that metamask/ledger fixes this soon…Any news about it?