MATIC send problem

Hello guys! Please can you help me :slight_smile: How I can send MATIC (BEP-20) from Metamask to Binance? I have some error when I try to send it. My situation: I send MATIC from Binance using BEP-20 (BSC) Network to my Ledger device. I know that Ledger Live doesn’t support and I can show these tokens via Metamask. I did it and see all my tokens from Ledger in Metamask . OK. But now I can’t send this MATIC to Binance using Metamask+Ledger. For example I can send BNB from Metamask to Binance with approve it in Ledger device. I can’t upload attachments cause I’m a new user.

You mean Metamask account with connected Ledger?

this hash when I sent MATIC from Binance to my Ledger

I haven’t hash with failed transcation (when I try to send matic from metamask to binance)

I don’t know. I think no =) How I can do that and for what?) I can send all my bep-20 tokens via metamask with pair Ledger device but Matic can’t. IDK maybe amount is too small? I have 1.15 for test =)

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I have BNB for gas and 1.15 MATIC. I just need to send it to my binance wallet as BEP-20 too. My matic now also BEP-20

ok mate can u help me?)

I have this error
Transcation 20 failed Error: [object Object]
What does it mean?

nobody have this problem?) I’m only one xD

I have the same problem.
The Ledger Live tries to open the Ethereum device bridge instead of BSC.
Does the Metamask support the BSC device bridge of Ledger Live?