Lost 81 MATIC and my MetaMask account

(This is all on IOS MetaMask from the App Store) I sent 81 matic from Coinbase pro to my MetaMask MATIC network wallet. The transaction went through but the matic never showed up in my metamask wallet 6 hours later. I then attempted to switch my wallet back to the ethereum network hoping that this would resolved the issue and MetaMask wouldn’t let me switch over the networks so I deleted MetaMask app and redownloaded it. (I heard this was a solution on Reddit) I then noticed that I didn’t have my seed phrase locking me out of my address with 81 matic. I’m really bummed and hope there is a solution to this. Possibly someone could go into that wallet and put the matic back onto my Coinbase? I’m not really sure but it would suck to loose those tokens. Thanks for your time.

Hi there, sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, it really is impossible to regain access to that wallet without the seed / Secret Recovery Phrase.

A good practice going forward:
Back up your seed /Secret Recovery Phrase.
Try small transactions first.

Hi Isq
I have sent my MATIC from Metamax (Mayic mainnet) to trust wallet but it seems lost and I did not receive MATIC in my trust wallet. It is 10139 MATIC. Please I need help please.

Do you know if Trust wallet supports (Matic Mainnet) ? It doesn’t appears so.
Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, we won’t be able to revert the transactions.
I did found this online https://www.reddit.com/r/binance/comments/n243y1/problem_with_a_deposit_of_matic_to_binance/