Lost ETH sent from metamask to ronnin

Dear all,
I would like and will certainly appreciate some help.
Yesterday I tried to transfer my ETH funds from Netamask to Ronnin, but i did’t use the bridge.
I have read a lot of topics and watched a lot of videos and already tried to recover metamask from using the Ronnin secret recovery phrase, but nothing happened. The balance was zero.
My Ronnin address is: 01c55b97d2e1faa62916102b4663c2b70e1f3a73
The address that I have sent the ETH is: 0x01c55b97d2e1faa62916102b4663c2b70e1f3a73
The difference is the 0x, the first two characters.
Do you think that it is possible to rocover the amount? Any tips?
Is it possible that the transaction is still being carried out?
Best regards,


Hi @LFF try import Ronnin private key :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks my friend. You did very well.

I am glad :sunglasses: :sunny: have a nice day.

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