Sending From Metamask to Ronin

Help please! I made 2 transfers from Metamask to Ronin wallet.
Feedback was “transaction confirmed”. But the balance was never reflected in the Ronin Wallet.

Here are the transaction IDs:
My SLP transfer from Metamask to Ronnin:
My AXS transfer from Metamask to Ronnin:

Hi @Rhett ,

Yes your tokens are there, the problem is you shouldn’t have transferred them directly, you need to use the Ronin Bridge to send the tokens to the Ronin Wallet.

You will need to import the Ronin wallet to metamask, so you can see your tokens and send them back to your metamask wallet, and then use the bridge to send the tokens to the Ronin wallet so you can see them in Ronin side.

I answered this on another post here. I cannot add links to this post but search: ‘Sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin wallet’ on the search and the first link is it, and you can see the process to add the Ronin wallet in Metamask.

I also give information on how to do the transfer correctly using a Bridge, not a direct Transfer. Read the whole thread.

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I followed your instruction and it worked! It was a great help!
The money that was lost and recovered is not that much, but your instruction can help so many people who made a similar mistake and for some who lost a lot of money.
I can not thank you more than enough bro!