MetaMask to Ronin Wallet Transfer Successful but didn't appear to my Ronin Wallet

Dear MetaMask,

Please help me to transfer completely or put it back my ETH tokens to metamask.

Alec Joshua L. Gonzaga
[Removed for safety]

Welcome to the MetaMask Community. @alecjoshuagonzaga
Kindly note, MetaMask is a fully user-managed wallet, only you the person who have access to the Secret Recovery Phrase -12 words can control the wallet.
Also, due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, it is impossible to revert any confirmed transactions.

Now regarding your transaction, was there a bridge used?
As Ronin is in its own chain than Eth Main net.

i have the same problem! i trensfered from metamask using ronin bridge, says sucessfull but doesnt appear in ronin, stays in metamask, help!