I send AXS and SLP from Metamask to Ronin and forget to use the Ronin Bridge

By mistake I sent AXS and SLP from Metamask to Ronin, and forgot to use Ronin Bridge, the transaction appears as successful, but the tokens did not arrive in my Ronin wallet.

Then I made a withdrawal of ETH from Ronin to Metamask, but this time I did use the Ronin Bridge, but the ETH did not reach Metamask either.

I appreciate your help to get the tokens back.

I have the same issue, I sent AXS from Metamask to Ronin using the wallet number without the ‘‘Ronin:’’ and not using the Ronin Bridge, did you recover the AXS or SLP? The transaction shows as success on the Etherscan but did not reach my Ronin wallet. Please help :frowning:

I did the same mistake just now! Have you guys recovered you assets? I sent 8 AXS directly from metamask extension to my ronin address without the “ronin:” at the beginning of the address.

good news friends, when you make transfers from Metamask to Ronin without using the bridge, the funds never leave the Metamask and that is why they never reach Ronin, the solution is simple you must locate the transfer contract id and with that add the tokens and they recover. It is a pity that this is not explained, and many people are scammed for not knowing how to get their tokens back.

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Hi @donaldiesel , could you explain this solution for me please

@budwiser @tiagocastro07 Like donaldiesel said below… You need to import your ronin account to metamask and transfer enough ETH to the ronin account to send those assets back to your original metamask account…

google: funding ronin account with metamask, it is a zendesk / metamask link that will show you how to import your ronin account using metamask extension.

Once I imported my ronin account to metamask, I was able to transfer between my accounts to get it into my original account I had sent from.

The first thing is that you have nothing to worry about because the funds never left the Metamask wallet, by not using the ronin bridge, you have to import the ronin account as explained in the Metamask Axie Infinity FAQ and then You add the contracts of the tokens that you tried to transfer, I repeat, do not worry about the contracts are public but no one can take away those funds, because they must necessarily return to the Metamask account of origin. The only way they lose their assets is to lose the phrase seed.

If you sent ETH to your Ronin address directly instead of using the [Ronin bridge], it’s easy to retrieve your funds.

  1. Export your private key from your Ronin wallet (Account → Manage → Click address → “View private key” and WRITE THAT DOWN.
  2. Export your private key from your Metamask (Account → settings → security - “view seed phrase” → WRITE THAT DOWN.

Then log out of metamask and select import seedphrase / import account and use your ronin seed.

There you will find the funds.

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Hi there! Thanks a lot for the tips!

After I imported my Ronin wallet into Metamask, I can see my AXS. However, when i try to send it back to my Main Account (metamask), its grey out and not allowing me to send. Please help!

Thank you!