Axie infinity: Ronin Bridge (Misstake)

Hi guys, I am having difficulties figuring out what… and if there a solution is!?

I have per accident send my ETH from Metamask directly to the well known:
Contract 0x1A2a1c938CE3eC39b6D47113c7955bAa9DD454F2 (Axie Infinitie: Ronin Bridge)

When I search my transaction (in Etherscan):
the Method is still on “Transfer” and
on OUT to the Contract address (mentionde above).

In some comments (in the support groups) I see that is impossible to get your ETH back and in other comments I see a lot off “Thank you” messages. I am confused butt still hopefull!

I see in some comments that members thank other members (who helped out) and for me…
It seems like they have managed to solve this issue!?

…If so could you please explain how to!


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Hey @Denvey, welcome to the MetaMask Community! :fox_face:

Did you send your ETH from MetaMask directly to the contract address, or did you use the Bridge app? If you sent it directly, then unfortunately you cannot receive your funds back because tokens cannot be transferred directly from network to network.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

Thank you! I was afraid so… Is there nothing what I can do ? Other than pray for a miracle :pray:

You can try contacting the Axie team to see if there is anything they can do for you, other than that, let the prayers begin :pray: