Sending ETH from Metamask mobile to Ronin bridge Axie Infinity

I transferred ETH from Metamask Mobile app to Ronin wallet, but I was not able to do it through ronin bridge I directly transferred it through mobile app basing on my recent transactions and it was a successful transaction but it was not reflected to my ronin wallet. It was sent through this address (0x1a2a1c938ce3ec39b6d47113c7955baa9dd454f2) which is (Contract Axie Infinity: Ronin Bridge) It’s been 4 days have past and the situation is not resolved. I already tried all the possible ways to retrieve it, by importing my private key to metamask. Hope you can help me.

My transaction hash: 0x923c9a02c430781ea6f9b947d4a9e3ffe719527d903961fb796b191579af42a3