Lost USDT in wallet

Hello good sir,

Im wondering if you could show me the way. My brother wanted me to trade for him so i’ve set up a second account on my metamask. Im descently experienced in using it so setting it up was a breeze.

When my brother send me coins, he accidently send USDT over the Eth network, so i had to use binance bridge, which i’ve used countless times. It didn’t seem to have any trouble and everything worked on the first time i tried. Im not quite sure what’s wrong, everything seemed fine. The USDT’s are lost and i haven’t been able to locate them. Some information:

I was connected during the transaction.
-I used a high amount of gas fee.
-I got a ‘completed’ about 5 mins after the transaction. Still showing on binance.org/en/bridge/history, the ‘from’ and ‘to’’ adresses are mine.
-I added the USDT, BUSD, ETH and BNB to my wallet using the ‘add token’.
-The network was setup for binance smart chain.

The only thing that might be different is the usage of USDT, i read somewhere that it’s compatible with ERC-2, not ERC-20. Im not quite sure what difference it makes.

I hope you see something that i don’t,

Goodday to you, thanks in advance

Hello,you can reach out to me. I had Similar issues. Mine was eth to erc 20. Don’t worry. I’m not asking for money. Just lending a helping hand.