Binannce bridge to send USDT


I bought 1000 USDT to then use with Pancakeswap. However I need to have the USDT on the smartchain and not the etheriumnet network. So I decided to use Binannce bridge to change the network that the tokens were on inside of my metamask wallet.

However after completeing the transaction an hour has gone by and the USDT is still not in my metamask wallet?

Please see the reciept for this transaction below:

Any ideas would be much appreciated?

Kind Regards


I have the exact same issue. I tried to move almost $400 from the Ethereum Network to BSC using USDT. It says transaction complete, but never showed up. I contacted Binance and they said wait 7 days. This is day 8 now and still nothing. I submitted another ticker with Binance but have not heard back yet.

I would advise every not to use Binance Bridge.

I just found it! This must be a bug in Metamask. I thought I lost this money with Binance Bridge, but it appears it simply isn’t showing up in Metamask but is actually there.

When I look at my BSC network, it shows USDT Balance 0. I have tried deleting and re-adding the token, but didn’t work.

However, I just went to Pancake Swap, and it shows I have it available to trade.