Mac ios Unity Build can not be signed

I’m trying to take an Unity game build and sign with Xcode.

But I’m getting this error on Xcode :slight_smile:
Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code.

Any solutions? or is anyone having the same issue?

I’m using MetaMask SDK . The game is running perfectly without signing it.(Both on Mac and Windows) But when I try to sign it, it fails.

Hello @Sinox, welcome to MetaMask community!

Not sure if this may help, but here’s an issue related to Xcode for iOS from MetaMask’s Github repository.

You can also put in your own issue there, on the category you consider most relevant to what you are having dificulties with.

There is also a MetaMask SDK discord server dedicated to communicating and feedback.


Thanks, I will continue with the discord server If I find something new will also send here for others :+1:

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