Malware alert! Eth lost

I was trying to transfer 0.468777 eth to my Metamask account from my account but was not able to receive the funds. I have checked the txn hash/transaction id and it was already successful. Found out that my eth was transferred to a different eth address. I inspected and upon checking, when I tried to copy to clipboard my Metamask extension’s Eth address, it was pasting a different address.

I googled the eth address and saw trojan malware results.
Any chance I can get my funds back? :cry:

transaction id: 0x3f4e72cad1d417751e010ea362de6f8e1f4f53651aa13e55f17c60bdf71da0cc
trojan malware eth address: 0xfff94688cE6bb5d217D421Ab3AfBa6Ea8fe52a79