Sent Eth to my account adress, not eth adress, and can’t find my funds

Hello, i sent 0.15 ETH to my account adress 0xD04A334eF61664Ab9743f562c3986689d6B9dadA, not my ETH adress. The transaction ID is 0xcba3f73a2d0ff9b0eea8a3e601c604e28007e2f5d13ce141b877c8feda920872.
Where can i find my ETH?

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Hey @Tsmdim, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Is 0xD04A334eF61664Ab9743f562c3986689d6B9dadA your MetaMask wallet address? If so, your ETH should be in that address, which you can access using MetaMask.

Yes it is my Metamask Wallet adress, but i still can´t fins my funds, as the wallet as a 0 ETH balance…

It looks like the ETH was sent to address 0xD04A334eF61664Ab9743f562c3986689d6B9dadA

The wallet address on the screenshot does not look like the same address, it starts with 0xD82

Make sure you are on the correct wallet address.

if i copy and paste it this is the adress shown:


just don´t know how come i click copy the adress and it shows the wallet 0xD04A334eF61664Ab9743f562c3986689d6B9dadA, wich if not mine, i dont really know where i got it from…

Sorry to hear this :frowning:

Please always make sure to check the wallet address after you copy and paste it before sending a transaction. Unfortunately, this is likely due to clipboard hacking caused by malware on your device. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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