Matic and gas fee

hi, i would like to understand, i transfered some usdt from using the wallet bridge to my metamask wallet on matic network and than i swap with usdc on sushiswap, and everythigh works fine, now i want to do the same step again but when i try to swap on sushi and i have to approve the transaction , on metamask tell me that i dont have enough balace to pay the gas fee, how can i pay the gas fee on matic? which token i need? matic ? because i have eth in matic wallet but still tell me that i dont have enough to pay the gas fee, what i should have to do? thanks

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Sounds like you need MATIC on the Polygon/Matic network (not Ethereum mainnet) to complete the transaction.


on Matic network the gas fee is paid in Matic
cant swap the ETH as you will still need matic to do the swap
you will have to send Matic from any Centralised exchange to your metamask at this point it will be ERC20 token open the quick swap app and follow the prompts to use the bridge from Etherium main net to Matic network takes about 10 minutes to use the bridge then the matic will show up in your Matic wallet follow the prompts along the way from meta mask. use a small amount first time as it will be less stressful if it takes awhile


On Polygon (MATIC) chain you will need MATIC for gas.

You can get some free here:


A bit of matic, can go a long way. Next time, remember to leave a bit behind in your wallet for gas.