Max priority fee box not working

I had a transaction pending from legacy gas fee system and then metamask updated their software v10 … for that pending tx , I tried to increase the max priority fee but it does not do anything and send the same exact fee which i set at first time …

can any metamask admin here check the issue… where should i send email for all the detail?

Thanks !!



one correction here: It does change the gas fee but does not exactly send the fee which i write in the max priority fee… hence its pending from 1 day… dropping and again trying with new max priority fee…

Can you update on this please?

issue resolved with restoring wallet… Thanks

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why u r so much interested in generating QR code from that scammy website? & why u deleted its link above… ?

Hello, how did you restore your wallet? did you cancel your current transaction then placed a new one?

No, I just removed & installed the metamask extension in other browser… and then restored the wallet there… that’s how it got resolved!