Metamask 00005.idb file encoding issue cannot decode properly from utf-8

I have some metamask wallets I used on another PC I grabbed all the files I had in the local extension settings folder for metamask but everytime I try to open them with editor I can see the ‘vault’ keyword but it is not properly decoding when I select UTF-8

here is my idb file

vault(ringsidenew,shockwav	� addicting%@,calciomercat	�tes	[,freshcalenda
{ howtodoin�	@ondol�message	x$thegradcaf	zelprocu	t4pregnancy-info	�,pythonforbeginne
� stackabus	Vhomedi	�real	6�8bestclassicband	y!eflar	>8inspiretochangex<gardeningknowhowL,ondemandkore	�se1rank-�,thinkmobile	wcinemab!IPadag	�A=5�dienaAgismeteM0mylivesignatu
�%�topM(my-free-mp3	nst^mommyish$devmn%hmumsne)2}pliustskelbiuvel

Don’t put your .ldb files here :upside_down_face: what browser did you use on your old computer?

See this page:

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its not even the entire file, and they would need my password also… .do you even understand the issue im facing?

I just to warn you :rofl: so you don’t do something stupid.
I understand your problem more than you do :wink: and you didn’t answer my question.
Each browser stores this data differently.

Chrome. literally said i moved them from the local extension setting folder

{“vault”:" {“data”:“wwpXXtFCqZkYsWfeEwItZjJ0Cc7mRVjG47Dqh+ztL1PiCG6Izhg+zG0mM+H2ykyjz3X0RNhAE6IVsWFZamcZ47B4sVi4SvUxrMhARm5L3yHPxr3UsyGrOXmthyVMgEGmjwlmnFCNd2nMZ2o8/sRMra8FupurqevnBv57FiYpEEs7gPpFHv6587aL44MmKD8Snv4JLFqiqmlK82Waq5F+Iv9mw2sFVAL9mgZBSgFgbWdB3TsKVB2k”,“iv”:“rkUQlNcGTxBE0My7a/bCXw==”,“salt”:“HcKyNfGzaRALRQ0DlKgcIe5Uk30iI/M//oG6w8vX8Nk=”} "}

You have to look for something like this. Did you find the word data or salt?

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I know I need to find that but it will not properly decode, did you read the first post I made and understand the issue im facing?

Hey @CryptoManiaa ,

This thread has a bunch of various posts with trouble shooting in it, if you start at the top there may be something in it that helps. If not, let us know. Thanks!


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