Metamask confirmation window not showing up in a transaction failure case

Hi, I was testing a frontend dApp. I tried to call a contract’s function in a way that will fail the require statement inside the contract’s function. However, to my surprise, there should be a confirmation window poping up from the metamask for me to confirm or reject the transaction before executing the contract require statement, but there is no confirmation window and a reason string is passed to my browser console. However, if I call the contract function in a way that it does not fail the require line in the contract, the confirmation window from the metamask will show up. I would like to know if I can let the confirmation window pop up before the contract require line is executed even in the case when the require line fails


Hi! Are you on mobile or desktop when doing this?

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I am doing this on desktop


Thanks! What browser are you using? And, have you tried more than one browser (if so, which ones)? Thanks again!

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