Metamask error doesnt go away and prevents me using the extension

In MetaMask i selected the Rinkyby network which has been depreciated.
I get an error popup saying “The current rpc url for this network has been deprecated.” which is the correct error, however the problem is the X button to close the error doesnt work and the Switch Network button opens the list of networks behind the error box.

This means that i can no longer use MetaMask because the error is permanently displayed and i cannot select anything behind it.

Closing chrome and restarting my laptop does not resolve the issue.

Seems to be a bug in MetaMask for this error dialog box being unable to be closed.


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Can you show the output of the error logs in the console that occur there after pressing X (probably they should be there).

To solve the problem, try to go to Chainlist and add some chain, MetaMask should suggest you to add a new network and switch to it.


Nothing shows in the console when the X is pressed.
When i use chainlist to add or switch networks the switch windows appear behind the error message, so i cannot press the buttons.

I attached a screenshot of the error and you can see the switch window is behind the error.

Is there a configuration option in the storage or database where i can change what the current selected network is?


Do you remember your seed phrase?
If so, then probably reinstalling the wallet will solve this problem.

IMPORTANT: do not do this if you do not remember your seed phrase!


I could, but id rather find a solution to the actual problem since it may happen again and i dont want to have to keep reinstalling.

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What version, browser, and operating system are you on?

If you would like, you can also create an issue on GitHub


If you reinstall, the Ropsten network shouldn’t be there since it’s been deprecated and is no longer included as a testnet, so this likely won’t happen again.


I and a few others have created issues in the github for this already. But none of the tickets have been addressed.

I would like a resolution which does not mean reinstalling.


Solve the problem that MetaMask UI froze when switching to deprecated networks.
Reproduce the problem:

  1. Switch the MetaMask network to Rinkeby or another deprecated network.
  2. The UI layer freezes and cannot close prompts or use MetaMask.
    Solution steps:
  3. Open the MetaMask developer tools and find the element with ID “popover-content”.
  4. Delete that element.
  5. At this point, the stuck UI layer disappears, and you can normally close other prompts and use MetaMask.
  6. The MetaMask network successfully switches back to the Ethereum main network.


Perfect, that worked great.

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