Switching Networks / RPC's Metamask gets stuck, will not connect

Windows 11 / Chrome version 115.0.5790.171

Since MetaMask version 10.34.3, sometimes when switching between Networks or RPC’s, MetaMask will get stuck and it will not connect to any Networks or RPC’s untill I restart the computer.

Must do a restart. Closing the bowser or locking/unlocking the extension will not fix this.

Hey @mv5741 -

Sorry you are having this issue. Can you please reach out to MetaMask support? This will help them gather more info.

Go to https://support.metamask.io/ > choose start a conversation > the chatbot will ask you a few questions and try to help, and then you will get connected to support. We will never ask you to share your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) or input onto a site for support. Never provide your SRP to anyone.



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