Metamask error - [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC '{\"value\":{\"code\":-32603,\"data\":{\"code\":-32000,\"message\":\"already known\"}}}

In the past week or two, I’ve been getting errors like this on Polygon for transactions through MetaMask.

MetaMask shows that the transaction has failed. But the transaction was actually successful on the blockchain.

MetaMask UI feedback shows an error and transaction failed so you don’t actually know until you check Polygonscan.

Hello @jins88, welcome to the MetaMask community,

I encountered a similar issue on Optimism network yesterday. MetaMask notified that the transaction failed, but it actually went through.
That would be good to report it to the support team via the following link. Please click the large blue box, “Start a Conversation” as shown in the image attached and report it.


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