Holesky RPC Transaction Failure Metamask UI Bug

I added Holesky Testnet to MetaMask by using RPC ethpandaops and this resulted in a failure with a “internal JSON error”. I saw on Etherscan that the transaction still went through. However, on MetaMask UI the transaction still shows Failed. Any way to change that status to otherwise? It’s irritating seeing a Red Failure when in fact it went through.

hey @entropy ,welcome to MetaMask community.
I encountered a similar situation and it was a UI bug of MetaMask. As users, there may not be much we can do.
Once you understand the bug, check its transaction status on explorer every time.


Thanks! Glad to know it’s just a UI bug. That transaction was done using ethpanda RPC… I switched to publicnode later and it was successful. I wonder if this was a RPC issue as well?

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I think so. When we encounter similar errors, switching RPC may solve the problem. :smile: