Metamask got hacked

My metamask got hacked and I know how so I want to let people out there know to protect their funds.
I interacted with this(fluxchaindotnet) site and it asked for permission to access my wallet, I was wary as I suspected it was a scam but then in metamask it said that this website is asking to “view your address” so I thought there is no danger here because it is just “VIEWING” it and also let’s say that, this website is a scam but I trust metamask so when metamask says it is only VIEWING then I trust it, anyways guess what happened when gave permission to VIEWING my address? … 3 seconds later all of my bnb sent to another wallet.
so I am here to ask the metamask team to check out this website and update their wallet to stop scammers from stealing people’s funds.

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