Got hacked by giving a Permission on Metamask

Hi guys, Today i was opening a NFT Box on Lor finance website.
I did not look at the full transaction details, i was in hurry.
In transaction details, they’ve changed the Permission Amount as 10000000000 BUSD.
After I approved it, my all BUSDs have been stolen by the hackers.
Is there any was to get them back ?
Lots of people also a lot of money on this.

Hacker Wallet :


Same! I got hacked by the same address after opening NFT Box in Lor.Finance website.
I did not approve any permissions.
I have opened a support ticket in metamask to seek help on this.

Hacker Wallet:

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Hello, i got also hacked and lost almost 7500 dollar BUSD. The same happened as others state is above. Is there any way to get back those funds??


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Same address!! thats the address my funds went to last night. All my busd token went there

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same happend to me 4 days ago but a different adres received it. i never filled the seed. nor i saved it on my pc


I have lost everything yesterday… lets make noise…reddit , facebook…everywhere …people need to stop using metamask

i don’t know what to do , all my investments are gone

0x0a51145692603319d53a93daf313a3b180934806 this wallet is getting rich every minute

How we can do? Many people lost alot they money too, that’s not fair for us.

Does anyone live in America? i think we can get money back. now i contact to domain owner that use to register domain. i want someone in America help.