Have i been hacked, can i recover busd?

Hi all something very odd happened to me last night i had my binance busd wallet address in a text file. I used to to send 70 busd from metamask but it never got to my wallet. I checked the address and the address i have is differant. I think maybe someone hacked my txt document and inputted a differant wallet address 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

This address has 49 Million transactions associated with it. I have tryed binance support and i am finding it difficult to speak to anyone, which is very annoying i use another exchange. Coinbase and they have very good customer service. Can anyone help me to figure out what has gone on. Have i been hacked or have i sent my busd to binance…i really need help with this i got hacked last year and i have PTSD as i lost of my life savings last year my father left me money in 2020 and now it is all gone. Im back on my feet building my portfolio from scratch this is the first time i have lost money in DEFI/crypto since last year so i am hoping to get this resolved asap as im really stressed about it

I’m really sorry, the transfer is irreversible

Is this the address you by accident sent your money to ? and is it the one that is in your text file ? 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

That address is what is called a “contract address”, a kind of program from which you can’t get your money back from. It’s not owned by a scammer/hacker if that is what you think.

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ok cool. big help

chances are i didnt get hacked, which is awesome. but mega mystery where did this address come from, it has a huge amount of tx. How did it end up in my text file on my laptop. mega weird

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binance customer service suck , am i right in thinking this is a binance contract wallet and they may be able to help me send the money back to me?

thankyou i appreciate the reply

thankyou i appreciate the reply, ive been super careful for ages, i think this was a copy and paste nightmare error. im very curious as to where i may have copy pasted this address from. whoever owns this address is a big player millions of tx which makes me think it is owned by binance, a guy of a facebook crypto group said its an ETH address, so i guess the busd i sent to it was burned???

It looks like it has something to do with Binance, yes. But as you say, I think it is hard to get in contact with them, but that would be the next thing I would try if I was you. Sorry for your loss

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There is a copy/past-scam that scammers are using, but I’m pretty sure that this has nothing to do with this.

It’s a “Contract address” which is not the same as a wallet own by people like you and me. A contract address is a kind of program or code that make all this work and run. That is why you can’t sent money to a contract address, only to a wallet.

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