MetaMask Learn Is Here!

:tada::fox_face::brain:Very exciting news: We’re thrilled to announce that MetaMask Learn is here! :tada::fox_face::brain:

:bulb:We created MetaMask Learn to demystify web3, make it more accessible to you, and arm you with the confidence and smarts you need to navigate web3 safely.

:bulb:Learn the basics of web3 from the folks who brought it to millions of users worldwide, at your own pace.The first 8 lessons of our Web3 101 course are available in English, Portuguese​:brazil:, Tagalog, Bahasa​:indonesia:, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish.

:bulb:Learn how to explore web3 in a safe space.With interactive MetaMask simulations, increase your confidence in navigating the (just sometimes) wild world of web3 without risk.

Choose your own adventure​:rocket:Want to learn about DAOs but not DeFi? Skip over Finance, Decentralized and foxtrot to The Age of Communities right away! You do you​:index_pointing_at_the_viewer::muscle:

But this is only the beginning, you fancy :fox_face: foxes! Over time, we’ll add more lessons and languages to ensure that MetaMask Learn is the definitive library for educational content on Web3. We’re committed to teaching the world about web3​:muscle:

:loudspeaker:A great resource to share with your web3 and crypto curious family and friends.

:thinking:Have any questions or feedback regarding Learn? Check out our Learn section under the new Education category.