Metamask-mobile browser how to refresh site with all js libraries?

Hello community.
I did some updates on my site and upload there some new .js libraries.
On my brave browser on compute I just refresh page with Shift+Cmd+R keys and it’s refreshing the site page and can see all changes directly.
But when I opened my site on metamask-mobile browser (iPhone) there is still old version of my site and js libraries not reloaded.
So, my question is, how to refresh site on mobile metamask browser (iPhone) with refreshing all js libraries?

Than you

hi @freebie ,

Hm, I do not know the answer to this but wondered if either of these links hold any info that could be helpful to you? Onboarding Library | MetaMask Docs or this metamask-docs/ at main · MetaMask/metamask-docs · GitHub

If not, can you create an issue for it on GitHub?

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