Metamask Mobile Invalid Amount

Hi All,

We’re trying to do a BUSD (Binance Smart Chain) transaction on metamask, On desktop browsers, it works. But when we try to do the same thing on mobile it does not and the only explanation metamask provides is “Invalid Amount”. BNB works properly.

Any case on why that happens?

Thanks in advance,

Hello, have you tried to restart your phone?

Tried restarting, reinstalling metamask and reconnecting the wallet. Nothing works

Are you using IOS or Android? If it’s an Android phone, did you download it from the official website of metamask?

The issue happens on both, yes official app store

I’m also using the mobile terminal of metamask. There’s no problem you said. I just tried again and still didn’t find any problem. For the time being, I don’t have any good suggestions. You can wait patiently for other personnel to answer for you.

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