Metamask not prompting transaction/contract sign off

I’m trying to swap ERC20 QLC for NEP QLC. when proceeding through the QLC Explorer i proceed through the transaction and confirm swap. previously metamask would pop up and ask for me to confirm the transaction. This time is not. I have tried different browsers and reimporting seedsand confirm that the wallet is connected.

Are you using a hardware wallet with Metamask? Just asking as I have seen this same thing when using a hardware wallet with Metamask. It can happen after several successful transactions. It seems to skip the step where the transaction is transferred to the hardware wallet for signing. If you can “connect to hardware wallet” again (even though you’re already connected) that can help. Or disconnect your hardware wallet and then reconnect it.

no I’m not using any hard wallet. thanks for the response though. This has really baffled me.

I have found in the last 24 hours, that if Metamask fails to send the transaction to my (hardware) wallet, if I then go into Metamask and “Remove account”, it then sends the transaction to my hardware wallet and I can sign it off. Seems very strange. The transaction then processes normally. I wonder if this would work for Metamask without a hardware wallet connected. If it did, it might be a clue for the developers.

Can you open a support ticket here and provide state logs and background logs (for while you are trying to execute this txn)

Hi allen, I missed your post sorry. Something has changed in the last 3 days and I no longer have this discussed problem. Nothing has changed at my end, no firmware or software updates that I know of, but I have not seem the problem behaviour for about 3 days, whereas before that it was easily replicated and occurring regularly every 3 to 6 transactions. Not sure what has changed, perhaps there has been a Metamask update behind the scenes, can Metamask update itself without me knowing?.