Metamask not responding to open tickets

I have 2 open tickets with unresolved issues. I have been patient and still hopeful and faithful in MM to find a solution. But what are our options if “Support” does not respond? Any advice? Should I seek legal counsel?
My issues are simple. Transferred 3.1bil SHIB from Bitforex to my MM wallet. Never received. MM support staff told me the tokens were sent to MM router address and cannot be recovered. How can this be? I clicked on copy my MM address and pasted it. How can it end up in MM router address? So far, MM has not offered any solution.
Next I transferred 22bil COSHI tokens from within MM from one account to another. Never received the tokens despite the TXid showing they were sent correctly. No explanation from MM. No solution. So these are my outstanding issues with MM. Any suggestions on what to do?

22bil COSHI tokens from within MM from one account to another :roll_eyes: hmm

Another is Metamask?

Not sure what you are referring to. MM stands for Metamask.
Have several accounts in Metamask with similar coins depending on when I bought in.

OK man :smiley: and when you enter your Metamask ETH
address to the page you see 22bil COSHI tokens?

Yes, it shows

Says completed. These never arrived

and here my other transaction that MM says they can’t retrieve.

This transaction looks fine :smiley:

Try add a contract address: 0x668c50b1c7f46effbe3f242687071d7908aab00a
How to add a custom token?

Maybe try another browser :slightly_smiling_face: 22,082,838,576.278268045 CoShi is at your ETH address

HI Bob,
Token is already added. I’m just missing that transaction despite it saying it’s there. Still missing that 22bil Coshi. I swapped what Coshi I had left to ETH and then bought 37bil more Coshi. Many of my transactions on MM are no longer showing. I am keeping track through etherscan and etherexplorer though. It’s strange that a transaction shows successful and never showing up. So far MM support has not addressed the missing Coshi at all.
MM has not responded at all in that regards and the missing SHIB they won’t help either.
So any suggestions?

this is the latest reply I have from MM support in regards to the mis-directed SHIB tokens that were sent to the Metamask swap router address.

Hi there,

Metamask is not a hosted wallet, and we have no control of or back door into user accounts. If the tokens went to an incorrect address after copy and pasting, then you may have a clipboard virus on your PC.

Best Regards,
Support @ MetaMask :fox_face: | Consensys

and this address 0x6927c001ca811f6c6b52f6c1d13b1f30eeed3839 is yours?
there is 22,082,838,576.278268045 CoShi

No that is my business partner’s address. I sent 22 billion coshi to his address and I also sent 22bil from another internal wallet in MM to my main account. Those tokens never arrived.

Did you eventually get a reply and/or resolve the issue? I had issue with their Swap Router and they lost my tokens (transaction went thru and registered on etherscan) .

Opened a support ticket 10 days ago and no news yet.

No reply from MM support. Still waiting