MetaMask on Chrome not matching app

So as the topic says, what shows up in my MetaMask online using the chrome extension does not match my MM app on my iPhone. They both have the same account number. Any thoughts or help? Thanks in advance!

Currently, the sync feature is disabled. So tokens & NFTS will each need to have their contract addresses added individually.

Or are the extension and mobile app showing the right things, just incorrect amounts?

Thank you, I did not realize they did not sync. I added the addresses and now everything matches.

One more quick question. Is there a way to get my wallet balance to show at the top of the chrome extension like it does in the app? The balance on the Chrome extension is just my ETH balance, not the balance of the whole wallet.

There is a major redesign coming to both the browser extension and mobile app. We recently acquired as well.

I’m not sure if that is specifically being addressed, but it sounds like a great idea for the feature requests section. Community can vote on their favorites. Which helps tell the development team which features to prioritize.

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